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Development trend of diamond grinding wheel technology

Apr 14, 2015

With the improvement of technology and lower manufacturing costs, diamond grinding wheel products will become more common. Looking forward to the next 10 "within 20 years, oil drill development mainly follows: strengthen drills development of materials technology, and continued development of superhard materials technologies, will further promote the PDC cutting elements such as PDC, roller bit tooth quality and performance improvement. Countries around the world in this respect still tireless in the pursuit of better drill material technology, technology in oilfield drill bit materials and advanced foreign countries still have a large gap. ② Diamond technologies target is still one of the most important skills for bad ground adaptability, which is bit technical development should always pay attention to the fundamentals and the direction of research and development. Three parts, with the development and the application of advanced design and analysis techniques, analysis of the drill design, skills will be improved. ④ new drills, tools and study on a new method of breaking rock will break new, part of the new technology is expected to form a product and start spreading.