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Diamond coating

Apr 14, 2015

1. wet plating method

Diamond products obtained using wet plating method is often applied to the resin bonded abrasives, this is because the metal plating on diamond surface layer increases the surface roughness of diamond grinding wheel can improve the pullout strength of resin bond for diamond, and diamond-coated metal layer can make up for surface defects, reduce thermal shock in the abrasive grinding process, and further increase the abrasive grinding efficiency. But used wet plated method by business diamond plated reply products less application yú ceramic combines agent abrasives, this is because used the method by plated reply of metal as Cu, and Fe, and Ni, and Co, cannot and diamond surface formed stable of chemical key collection, in forces or high temperature role xià metal coating easy shedding, especially in ceramic combines agent abrasives in the, metal coating easily and ceramic combines agent high temperature wetting, on by business ceramic combines agent Abrasives performance improve not obviously.

2. vacuum deposition method

Studies have found that has a 3D empty track in the periodic table of the elements transition metals such as Ti, Mo, w, v, Cr, Mn in high temperature heat treatment condition on diamond surface stability of metallic carbonide transition layer is generated. This is because the carbon atoms in diamond surface portion of unsaturated bonds was inspired during heat treatment, easier transition between 3D transition metal atomic orbitals of the empty track, in the form of C-M chemical bond formation metallic carbide, carbide epitaxial growth on the surface of diamond. The formation of carbides, coated in layers of metal and diamond played a very positive role as a transition layer between and the carbide layer can reduce the surface energy, improve the infiltration of diamond and metal coating.

3. covered powder sintering method

Using volatile metallic oxides or sulfides mixed with diamond particles, in the condition of high temperature oxide or sulfide forms carbide with diamond surface carbon atoms, to be coated on diamond surface coating of metal compounds.