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Diamond formation and dressing of diamond wheel

Apr 14, 2015

Diamond wheel structure by the layer and the substrate, transition layer is composed of three parts.

1. the working layer, also known as diamond layer, formed by the abrasive, Binder and filler, is the working part of the wheel.

2. the transition layer is also called non-diamond layer, made up of metal powder and Binder, filler, is part of the diamond layer is firmly attached to the substrate.

3. the matrix, used to undertake abrasive layer, and when used in firmly gripping with the flange on the spindle. General metal bonded products, steel, alloyed steel powder as a substrate; resin bonded aluminum alloy and wood substrates. Made of aluminum, steel, or wood processing becomes, supporting work and fitting abrasive role. Shaping grinding quality and use a level of precision and matrix has a lot to do with it.

Diamond wheel dressing

1. diamond grinding wheel passivation and Truing.

2. too much of diamond grinding to make micro-edge cutting performance; under the meet the technological requirements of roughness, try to make the wheel Truing the rough.

3. grinding wheel Dresser diamond isn't sharp, trim using the dresser the other side, or for repair and replacement.

4. Diamond wheel grinding the edges of it.

5. the Truing of diamond grinding wheel with diamond-bearing must be secured.