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Diamond grinding wheels made of more and more widely used

Apr 14, 2015

Diamond wheel due to its good of grinding performance, widely application yú various high performance, hard crisp material of precision and Super precision grinding processing in the, but due to Diamond wheel since sharp sex poor, and easy jam, in grinding processing in the easy produced by wheel eccentric caused of stress vibration force, thus effects grinding process of stability and artifacts grinding surface, thus limit has diamond wheel of normal using, for must for often dressing, however traditional of mechanical dressing method exists dressing time long, and difficulty big, and efficiency low, and Accuracy is not high. Development of high efficiency and high precision diamond wheel dressing technology to achieve precision and ultra-precision grinding of hard and brittle materials, high speed and high efficiency grinding, grinding, grinding automation of key technologies.

Super hard abrasive diamond wheel of using increasingly widely, they of dosage to annually about 1 meters of speed growth, save has large of grinding time and processing cost, diamond is today most hard of material, its friction coefficient coefficient small, wear sex good, so with diamond made of wheel has grinding capacity strong, and abrasives consumption small, and grinding temperature low features, increasingly widely to was application yú glass, ceramic, and half Allo carbide, and gem, non-metallic crisp hard material of cutting, and grinding.