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Diamond wheel dressing problems that hinder its development

Apr 14, 2015

Precision grinding of hard and brittle materials, diamond grinding wheel with its unique performance became one of the irreplaceable tools in the grinding process. However, with diamond wheel dressing from this problem had become critical issues that hinder its further development. Diamond is the hardest substance known to the world, so the use of conventional repair method to fix encounter a lot of difficulties.

With the development of special processing technology for the realization of precision and ultra-precision machining of hard and brittle materials, developed a technology of EDM dressing of diamond grinding wheel. Especially its non-contact process, making machining of hard and brittle materials has a unique advantage. This topic is based on the EDM technology of nonporous, developed an electric discharge dressing of diamond wheel in gas technology, this is a new type of dressing superabrasive wheel technology. This finishing techniques than traditional finishing techniques to reduce the dependency on liquid medium, reducing pollution of the environment, but also greatly extends the range of Truing.