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Influence of electrode's rotation and fixation on dressing

Apr 14, 2015

Electric spark discharge process of elimination ionization process is melting process of positive and negative ions in the plasma channel, its integration process can be seen as completely is the inverse process of impact ionization of gaseous molecules are. Even are anion fusion ended hòu, wheel and tool electrode zhī jiān of of field soon of reduced to zero, discharge channel within of charged of particles in constantly of fusion xià, makes wheel and tool electrode between of conductive sex fast reduced to zero, discharge clearance within of air slowly recovery has normal state, due to high of hot diffusion sex, regardless of is wheel also is tool electrode are keep with soon of thermal speed. After discharge the deionization process adequacy reflects the stability of electrical discharge machining process. From a certain sense the deionization process depends on the positive and negative electrons in the discharge channel of fusion between frequency and thermal diffusivity. Between the heat away faster then fusion of positive and negative charges is better, deionization process between the grinding wheel and the tool would be better. Gas media EDM dressing diamond wheel shí, wheel and tool electrode zhī jiān of air concentration not high, are, and negatively charged fusion possibilities reduced, discharge channel once formed on hard transfer, such from must degree shàng reduced has elimination ionization of speed; while gas media of density and hot diffusion speed than liquid media of, so are negatively charged of mobile speed hard reduced down, makes are negatively charged of fusion chances variable small, effects elimination ionization of speed. Rotating disk-shaped electrode, etc to speed up gas between electrodes of the flow medium, which can speed up the grinding wheel and the tool between the electrodes, positive and negative, of the fusion process, benefit the deionization. Gas discharge dressing of diamond wheel in the spark energy can not be selected as too high, otherwise they will be diamond-carbide,Gas discharge dressing of discharge gap in General is relatively small, 30um, in such a small space, the use of fixed electrode dressing, materials produced by spark discharge her difficult to discharge, severe can cause short circuits, interference with regular dressing, using rotating electrode can be effective in solving the problem.