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Ordered arrangement of diamond saw blade with preferred orientation technology

Apr 14, 2015

Today, the Mono-layer diamond grinding or cutting tools are made of plated, sintering and brazing methods: plating layer of abrasive grinding tools, abrasive is clamped in a mechanical way fixed. Average size 40%-stick 50%, its weakness is that the particles are arranged in general are random, this means that the particles and used size of space debris, and conveying the coolant is uncertain. Thus, in the process, these spaces are easily blocked by metal shavings, the worst is the "burning" workpieces become scrap.

Advantages of ideal structure is made up of more than ten particles superior particle clearance and significantly improved metal chip clearance and coolant delivery and grinding capacity and improves tool life. An ordered array of particle size distribution can guarantee process safety improved. As we all know, traditional plating, resin, ceramic and metal bonded diamond saw blade products, production processes, most of them are bonded together with diamond abrasive mixture, in order to prevent the segregation of diamond added size, such as liquid paraffin or distilled water, but following the evaporation of volatile, pollution of the environment. During production, vibrations caused by the segregation of the powerless.