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The hardness of diamond grinding wheel type

Apr 14, 2015

Diamond grinding wheels as an essential tool in machining, are widely used in industrial production, known as the "industrial tooth." Diamond grinding wheel and the development of modern industries have a mutually reinforcing effect, on the one hand, its application has been extended to all areas of modern industrial, such as machine tools, chemicals, coal, electronics, energy, geology, instrumentation, engineering ceramics and the aerospace industry on the other, demand for rapid development of modern industry and, in turn, promotes the innovation of preparation technology of diamond grinding wheel. At present, the diamond wheel and its grinding technology has on the country's scientific and technological progress and development of the national economy as a whole has played an extremely important role, such as aerospace quality of grinding and finishing of the end shield of missiles affects the guidance precision of missiles; semiconductor wafer grinding technology in the field of electronic information influence the development of the information technology industry.

In the course of preparation of diamond grinding wheel, select abrasive hardness is one of the most important parameters.