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Advance Of Diamond Saw Blade

Aug 14, 2017

      Carbide saw blades are generally used to cut more wood, and diamond saw blades are commonly used in cutting concrete, granite, marble and other materials, carbide saw blade in the 12mm or so, Diamond saw blade heightening 4mm, to 16mm, break the traditional standards, life and sharp increase more than four times times. In modern machining, tool materials are used in cemented carbide and high speed steels, and almost half of them are accounted for. The invention and application of high-speed steel has been around for a whole century, and cemented carbide has been used for half a century. However, many new varieties have been developed and their performance is increasing, which plays an important role in machining.Diamond saw blade
      In recent years, with the rapid development of construction technology and the universal use of cutting machines, the realization of high-efficiency, high stability, long life process has become an important standard, the resulting diamond saw blade just meet these requirements. Diamond saw blades are used for its high precision and high-efficiency. Diamond saw blade cutting not only saves a lot of human and material resources, a cutting machine only needs to be equipped with two or three of people to complete the planned workload. Traditional chisel is broken road after demolition, the need to use a large number of artificial air compressor, pneumatic, after the demolition of dust and bricks and stones, are building rubbish.Diamond saw blade
      The builders cut off large chunks of the road with diamond saw blades, not only high efficiency, but also low noise, no dust, vibration small, sewage also orderly discharged into the sewage pond precipitation, reduce environmental pollution, do green construction, the surrounding environment has played a very good protective role. Because the original concrete pavement structure is very good, the concrete cutting machine cut down the road can be used again, after the stone processing, can be used as stone brick paved park, square, Street road, so that waste reuse. Now whether the demolition of the building or road cutting, the use of concrete cutting methods, the building in a block of the form of cutting down to become a piece of flat, smooth stone. Because the concrete cut uses the water cooling way, the operation does not have the dust pollution, the vibration is small, the noise is small and so on merit.Diamond saw blade
     Diamond saw blade cutting technology in the construction, the personnel involved in the operation must have safety awareness. Small negligence in architecture tends to cause great evils, as well as the need to pay attention to safety in the use of wire saw saws and other cutting processes.Diamond saw blade