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Detailed Construction Of Parts Of Grinding Wheel

Sep 25, 2017

     Mainly by the base, grinding wheel, motor or other power sources, brackets, shields and water supply, such as the composition of the grinding wheel is set on the top of the base, the base of the interior has a power source for the space, power source transmission reducer, reducer with a base on the top of the transmission shaft for fixing the grinding wheel, Grinding wheel

    The base corresponding to the bottom of the grinding wheel has a sunken catchment area, the catchment area extends to the first-class road, the water supply is located on the side of the grinding wheel, the water supply is provided with a liquid in the space, and the feed device corresponds to the side of the grinding wheel with a outlet.Grinding wheel

    With the whole transmission mechanism is very concise and perfect, so that the process of grinding more convenient and smooth and improve the overall grinding efficiency of grinding wheel machine effect. The grinding wheel is brittle, the speed is very high, the use should strictly obey the safety operating rules. According to the instructions used in the grinding wheel, select the grinding wheel which conforms to the main shaft of the sand turbine. The newly-picked wheel must have a factory certificate, or check the test mark.Grinding wheel

    If the quality, hardness, granularity and appearance of the grinding wheel are found to be defective before installation, it can not be used. When the wheel is installed, the gap between the inner and spindle of the grinding wheel should not be too tight, it should be in accordance with the technical requirements of loosening and general control in the. $number/font>0.10 mm.Grinding wheel

    At the beginning of the mill can not force too hard, so as to avoid uneven grinding wheel accident. It is forbidden to grind copper, lead, wood and other things to prevent the wheel from inserting. Sharpening, people should stand on the side of the grinder, not two people at the same time in a grinding wheel sharpening. Grinding wheel

    Knives with long sharpening time should be cooled in time to prevent hot. Always trim the surface balance of the grinding wheel and maintain a good condition. The sharpening officer should wear protective glasses. Dust-absorbing machine must be intact and effective, such as the discovery of fault, should be repaired in time, should not stop sharpening.Grinding wheel