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Detailed Description Of The Size Range Of The Grinding Wheel

Sep 14, 2017

      A circular bonded abrasive tool with a through hole in the center made of abrasive and binder. Grinding Wheel is the most use of abrasive, the most widely used surface of a high-speed rotation, suitable for processing a variety of metal and non-metallic materials. There are a wide variety of grinding wheels, different grinding wheels can be used for the workpiece's outer circle, inner circle, plane and various types of rough grinding, grinding and grinding, as well as cutting and slotting. According to a variety of shapes, sizes, abrasives, granularity, hardness, tissue and binder, such as different combinations, grinding wheel variety specifications up to 200,000 or so.Grinding wheel

     The size range of the grinding wheel is very large, such as the electroplating metal binder superhard abrasive wheel for grinding the inner hole and teeth of the parts, Minimum OD of 0.5 mm; ceramic binder for large crankshaft grinding abrasive grinding wheel, the maximum outside diameter of 2000 mm; For semiconductor materials such as silicon wafer cutting and grooving of the metal bonding agent Diamond ultra-thin grinding Wheel, the thinnest is 0.03 mm; for centerless grinding of ceramic binder grinding Wheel, The overall thickness is up to 600 mm.Grinding wheel

     The classification grinding wheel is divided into common abrasive (corundum and silicon carbide) grinding wheel and Superhard abrasive (diamond and cubic boron nitride) grinding wheel according to the abrasive materials used. The characteristics of ordinary abrasive grinding wheel are shape, diameter, thickness, diameter, abrasive, particle size, hardness, binder and tissue. The characteristics of Superhard abrasive grinding wheel are not labeled "tissue", but the amount of abrasive content is expressed in concentration.Grinding wheel

     Common abrasive grinding wheel commonly used in the shape of more than 20 kinds of grinding wheel. In addition to abrasive, the main function of the grinding wheel is the binder, which affects the hardness, strength and grinding performance of the wheel, commonly used ceramic binder, resin binder and rubber binder. The corresponding grinding wheel is ceramic grinding wheel, resin wheel and rubber grinding wheel.Grinding wheel

     Ceramic Grinding Wheel: With ceramic binder made of grinding wheel, with good chemical stability, processing can be used in a variety of cutting fluids, but also for dry grinding. Ceramic grinding wheel is widely used in the plane, internal and external cylindrical grinding, and is suitable for forming grinding and tools, threads, gears, crankshaft and other grinding. Ceramic Grinding wheel can also be made of high-speed grinding wheel, to be used for high-speed grinding, working at speeds up to 125 m/s, slow feed to strong grinding ceramic grinding wheel, a deep cut can reach $number mm. The ceramic grinding wheel is brittle and is unsuitable for working under severe impact or heavy load conditions.Grinding wheel