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Development And Application Of Ultra-thin Turbine Blades

Sep 05, 2017

      Turbo fan engine picture turbine fan engine born after World War II, as time went on, technology was updated, and turbo engines appeared to be insufficient to meet the power needs of new aircraft. Especially after the World War II rapid development of subsonic civil aircraft and large-scale aircraft, flight speed requirements to achieve high subsonic can be, fuel consumption is small, so the engine efficiency is very high. The efficiency of the turbojet engine has been unable to meet this requirement, shortening the range of these machines. As a result, there have been more large aircraft using turboprop engines over a period of time.Ultra-thin turbine blades

     The thrust of the turbofan engine is limited and affects the flight speed. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of jet engines. Engine efficiency consists of two parts, thermal efficiency and propulsive efficiency. Increasing the temperature of the gas before the turbine and the pressurization ratio of the compressor can improve the thermal efficiency. Because high temperature, high density of gas contains a large amount of energy.Ultra-thin turbine blades

     However, under the condition of constant flight speed, improving the front temperature of the turbine will naturally increase the exhaust speed. and the velocity of the gas in the discharge of kinetic energy loss. Therefore, one-sided increase of thermal power, that is, increase the turbine front temperature, will lead to a reduction in the efficiency of the propulsion. In order to improve engine efficiency, it is necessary to solve the contradiction between thermal efficiency and propulsive efficiency.Ultra-thin turbine blades

    The beauty of a turbo-fan engine is that it increases the turbine's front temperature without increasing the exhaust speed. The structure of the turbofan engine is actually a few more turbines in front of the turbojet, which drives a certain number of fans.Ultra-thin turbine blades