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Diamond Grinding Wheel For Safe Use Manual

Apr 14, 2015

In the diamond wheel grinding against the side. As a rule, with circumferential surface for face grinding of diamond grinding wheels should not be using the side because of diamond grinding wheel with radial strength of large and small axial strength, the operator so hard that it leads to Diamond wheel broken, even hurt. Diamond grinding wheel during use banned affirmative action. Because when using diamond grinding wheel workpiece, the operator should stand at the side of the diamond wheel shall not operate in front of diamond grinding wheel, so as not to sting of diamond grinding wheels when broken. Diamond grinding wheel during use are not allowed to operate. Because it is shared by 2 people l diamond grinders operate, is a serious violation of an action, shall be strictly prohibited.

Diamond grinding wheels are most commonly used by machine shops equipment various types may use it. Diamond wheel is very brittle and easy to break, high speed, heavy use and easily hurt. Its installation position is reasonable, whether they meet the safety requirements; it is used correctly, and compliance with safety procedures, these issues are directly related to each and every employee's personal safety, in practical use, therefore we must pay attention to.