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Diamond Grinding Wheel With Vitrified Bond

Apr 14, 2015

Vitrified is the grinding tools used in the preparation of consolidation of diamond abrasive glass, ceramic or glass ceramics and other inorganic silicate material. Preparation of vitrified diamond grinding wheel has the following advantages:

(1) the vitrified diamond grinding wheels with acid and alkali resistance, water resistance and oil resistance characteristics;

(2) the vitrified diamond wheel rigidity is better, less abrasive deformation in grinding process, workpiece machining high precision;

(3) the organizational structure of porous vitrified diamond grinding wheel, trim and easy, while Abrasives stomatal size and quantity can be adjusted by adding porous substances, less prone to clogging and burn the workpiece in grinding process, abrasive machining is efficient;

(4) use of vitrified diamond grinding wheels is through a glass or porcelain for the preparation of material under the condition of high temperature sintering or burning would be consolidation of diamond abrasive, so in vitrified grinding high temperatures can combine with diamond Abrasives have better strength, diamond grinding wheel suitable for heavier loads produced by grinding. Because of the vitrified diamond wheel with the above advantages, thus plays a very important role in grinding applications, performance improvement research emphasis has been vitrified Abrasives industry. According to morphological change of vitrified bonded during sintering is different, will normally simply divided into sintering of vitrified bond and molten metal bond, but components and preparation process of Division is divided into the traditional mineral vitrified ceramic Binder, Binder, glass melting and three types of microcrystalline glass bond.