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Diamond Saw Blade

Aug 13, 2017

             When the diamond concentration changes from low to high, the sharpness and sawing efficiency of the saw blades gradually decrease, but the concentration is too high, the saw blades become dull. With low concentration, the efficiency is increased. Therefore, in the diamond saw blade manufacturing process, according to different cutting objects and the use of the machine, the rational control of diamond concentration, so that diamond in the use of the full use of the process.Diamond saw blade

            Thin film coated cutters are tools made from diamond films deposited by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on collective materials with good rigidity and high temperature properties.Diamond saw blade

            Because the thermal expansion system of $literal ceramics, WC series cemented carbide and the metal W is close to the diamond, the thermal stress produced by the film making is small, so it can be used as the matrix material of the tool body. In the WC series cemented carbide, the existence of the bonding phase co is easy to make the graphite between the diamond film and the substrate to reduce the adhesion strength, before the deposition need to be pretreated to eliminate the impact of co (generally through acid corrosion to the CO). Chemical vapor deposition method uses a certain method to activate the gas containing C source, and under the very low gas pressure, the carbon atoms are deposited in a certain area, and the carbon atoms form the diamond phase in the process of condensation and deposition. At present, the CVD method for the deposition of diamond mainly includes: microwave, hot filament, DC arc injection method and so on.

            The advantage of Diamond films is that they can be applied to a variety of complex tools, such as blades with chip, end milling cutter, reamer and bit; can be used to cut many non-metallic materials, cutting force small, small deformation, smooth work, slow wear, workpiece deformation, suitable for the workpiece material good, small tolerance of fine processing. The main disadvantage is that the adhesion between diamond film and Matrix is poor, and diamond thin film tool has no heavy grinding.Diamond saw blade