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Diamond Saw Blade

Aug 28, 2017

                 When the diamond concentration changes from low to high, the sharpness and sawing efficiency of the saw blades gradually decrease, but the concentration is too high, the saw blades become dull. With low concentration, the efficiency is increased. Therefore, in the diamond saw blade manufacturing process, according to different cutting objects and the use of the machine, the rational control of diamond concentration, so that diamond in the use of the full use of the process.Diamond saw blade

                 In general, the higher the hardness of the binder, the stronger the abrasion resistance. As a result, when sawing and grinding large rock, the binder hardness is high, when sawing material soft rock, the binder hardness should be low, when sawing and grinding of large and hard rock, binder hardness should be moderate.

                  The usual diamond granularity is within the 30/35~60/80 range. The harder the rock is, the finer the grain size should be chosen. Because under the same pressure conditions, the finer the diamond the sharper, is advantageous to cut into the hard rock. In addition, the general large-diameter saw blades require high sawing efficiency, it is advisable to choose the coarse grain size, such as 30/40, 40/50; small diameter saw blade cutting efficiency is low, require the rock sawing cross-section smooth, it is advisable to choose a finer granularity, such as 50/60, 60/80.Diamond saw blade

                  The so-called diamond concentration, refers to the diamond in the working layer of the distribution of the body density (that is, the unit area of the weight of diamonds). "Specification" stipulates that the concentration of 4.4 carat diamond in a cubic centimeter working carcass is 100% and the concentration is 75% when it contains 3.3 carat diamond. The volume concentration indicates how much the diamond occupies in the agglomeration and stipulates that when the volume of the diamond occupies 1/4 of the total volume, the concentration is 100%. The increase of diamond concentration is expected to prolong the life of the saw blade, since the average cutting force per diamond is reduced by increasing the concentration. But increasing the concentration will increase the cost of the saw blade, thus there is a most economical concentration, and the concentration increases with the sawing rate.Diamond saw blade