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Diamond Saw Blade Diamond Introduction.

May 09, 2016

Diamond saw blade diamond is a cutting tool, widely used in the processing of stone, ceramics and other brittle materials diamond saw blade consists of two parts;.. The substrate and the head is the main support base of the tip portion of the bonding , while the head is cut from the portion during use, the tip will be in use constantly consumed, while the matrix is not, the tip has been able to play a role in cutting because it contains diamond, diamond as currently the hardest substance that friction cutting work object in the head, while the diamond particles by metal wrapped inside tip. Currently, there are some key issues to be addressed, such as diamond thick film deposition process high-speed large-area, controlling diamond film grain boundary density and defect density in the diamond industries of medium and low temperature diamond film growth of diamond film and the substrate binding force weak. Diamond Tool excellent performance and broad development prospects to attract many experts at home and abroad to study, and some have made a breakthrough, I believe the near future diamond tools will be widely applied to modern processing.

 Category 1, manufacturing process, sintered diamond saw blades: min cold sintering sintering two kinds of hot pressing, pressing and sintering. 

2, the welding diamond saw: two kinds of sub-frequency welding laser welding, high-frequency welding by high temperature melting media will tip and the substrate are welded together by laser welding high temperature laser beam head and the substrate contact edge melted to form a metallurgical bond . 

3, electroplated diamond saw blade: the blade is attached to the powder by a plating method on a substrate. Method of manufacturing a diamond saw blade With the rapid development of the automotive, aviation and aerospace technology, material properties and processing technology of increasing demand. New materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics, particulate reinforced metal matrix composites (PRMMC) and ceramic materials are widely used. These materials have high strength, wear resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion characteristics, which determines when they are machining tool life is very short. Development of new wear-resistant and stable superhard cutting tool is the subject of many universities, research institutes and corporate research. Diamond set mechanical, optical, thermal, acoustic, optical, and many other excellent performance in one, with a very high hardness, low friction coefficient, high thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient and chemical inertness low, it is an ideal material for the manufacture of the tool. In this paper, the recent development of the diamond tool manufacturing method of an overview. When cited range of applications 

(1) difficult to machine processing of non-ferrous materials processing copper, zinc, aluminum and other nonferrous metals and alloys, materials easy to adhere to the tool, processing difficulties. Using a diamond low coefficient of friction, and non-ferrous metal affinity characteristics of small, diamond tools and tool can effectively prevent the metal bonding occurs. In addition, since diamond elastic modulus, deformation at the cutting edge portion of the cutting of non-ferrous metal extrusion small, can make a small modification in the cutting process is completed, which can improve the surface quality. 

(2) difficult to machine processing of non-metallic materials processing high hardness particle containing a large amount of hard non-metallic materials, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, fill silicon material, hard carbon fiber / epoxy composite when the hard particle material so tool wear serious, difficult to process with carbide cutting tools, diamond tools and high hardness, wear resistance, and therefore high processing efficiency. 

(3) ultra-precision machining With the advent of modern technology, integration,

To precision machining direction, the tool presents a very high performance requirements. Since diamond friction coefficient, low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, can cut very thin chips, chip easily flows out, and other affinity substances is small, easy to BUE, heat a small, high thermal conductivity, heat can be avoided on the cutting edge and the workpiece, and therefore easy to edge passivation, cutting small deformation, high surface quality can be obtained.