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Diamond Saw Blade Process Classification

May 22, 2017

Diamond saw blade is a cutting tool, widely used in concrete, refractory materials, stone, ceramics and other hard and brittle materials processing. Diamond saw blade is mainly composed of two parts; matrix and the head. The matrix is the main part of the bonding head, while the head is in the process of cutting part of the use of the head will continue to consume in the use of the matrix will not, the reason why the cutting head The role is because it contains diamond, diamond as the most hard material, it is in the head of the friction cutting the object to be processed. While the diamond particles are wrapped in metal inside the cutter head.

Process classification

1, sintered diamond saw blade: sub-cold sintering and hot pressing sintering two, pressed from sintering.

2, welding diamond saw blade: sub-brazing and laser welding two, brazing is through the high-temperature melting medium to the head and the substrate welded together, such as high-frequency induction brazing saw blade, vacuum brazing saw blade, etc .; laser welding Through the high-temperature laser beam to the edge of the blade and the edge of the formation of metallurgical bonding.

3, electroplating (brazing) diamond saw blade: the tip of the powder by plating method attached to the substrate. Beginning in 2012, the state gradually in the abolition of electroplating diamond products produced, mainly because the pollution is quite serious.

Appearance classification

1, continuous edge saw blade: continuous serrated diamond saw blade, generally made by sintering method, commonly used bronze binder as the basis of carcass material, cutting water to ensure that the cutting effect, and useful laser cutting the gap will be the type of knife.

2, the blade type saw blade: sawtooth off, cutting speed, suitable for dry and wet cutting methods.

3, the turbine saw blade: a combination of the advantages of the front 1,2, sawtooth continuous showing a uniform turbine-like concave and convex, improve the cutting speed and increase the service life.

Saw blade speed:

In actual work, the linear speed of the diamond saw blade is limited by the conditions of the equipment, the quality of the saw blade, and the nature of the sawing stone. From the best saw blade life and sawing efficiency, the speed of the saw blade should be selected according to the nature of the different stone. Sawing granite, the saw line speed can be selected in the range of 25m ~ 35m / s. For the quartz content is high and difficult to cut the granite, saw the line speed to take the limit is appropriate. In the production of granite brick, the use of diamond saw blade diameter is smaller, line speed can reach 35m / s.