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Electroplating Metal Binder

Apr 14, 2015

Plating metal bonded diamond abrasive basic approach is to use the electroplating process for preparation of metal bonded diamond abrasive and deposited on the metal surface through precipitation of metal layer coated by electroplating and try diamond abrasives to prevent it from shedding to achieve metallurgical combine with the metal substrate. Electrolytic preparation of diamond grinding wheel with strength and high grinding efficiency, without trimming and preparation is simple and so on. Electroplate bonded diamond Abrasives defects are more prominent, this is because the metal coating of diamond abrasive interface is not a solid combination of chemical metallurgy, just by simple machines combined with diamond abrasive embedded in the coating of metal-bonded, so when the heavy duty grinding and diamond abrasives are easier to fall off, thus affecting its precision and efficiency. In order to enhance the control force of metal bonded diamond abrasive, can be solved by increasing method of coating thickness, but the result is that the coating thickness after the chip of diamond abrasives and abrasive grinding height decrease, abrasive easily jam, grinding heat, easy to burn the workpiece surface. Therefore, the solution is also commonly used for coating metal on the surface of diamond abrasive treatment, in order to increase bond strength of electroplated metal bonded diamond abrasive.