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Grinding Wheel Attention

May 22, 2017

Grinding wheel, also known as consolidation abrasive, is the binder to the ordinary abrasive consolidation into a certain shape (mostly round, with a central hole), and has a certain strength of the consolidation abrasive. Which is generally composed of abrasive, binder and pores, these three parts are often referred to as the three elements of consolidation abrasive. According to the different classification of binding agents, common are ceramic (binding agent) grinding wheel, resin (bonding agent) grinding wheel, rubber (bonding agent) grinding wheel. The grinding wheel is the largest amount of abrasive, the most widely used one, the use of high-speed rotation, metal or non-metallic parts of the cylindrical, inner circle, plane and various types of rough grinding, Grinding and grooving and cutting. The characteristics of the grinding wheel are mainly determined by factors such as abrasive, particle size, bonding agent, hardness, organization, shape and size.

The grinding wheel is made of abrasive and binder, etc. The center has a circular through the hole of the abrasive.

The characteristics of the grinding wheel by the abrasive, particle size, hardness, bonding agent, shape and size and other factors to decide, are described below.

The choice of abrasive abrasive is the main raw material for manufacturing the grinding wheel, which is responsible for the cutting work. Therefore, the abrasive must be sharp and have high hardness, good heat resistance and certain toughness. Commonly used abrasive name, code, characteristics and use

The use of grinding wheel has a certain risk. For everyone's safety, the following list of notes in use:

Grinding machine is one of the most commonly used machinery and equipment in the machinery factory, whether it is reasonable to install, whether it meets the safety requirements; whether it is correct or not. These issues are directly related to each employee's personal safety, so in the actual use must cause us to pay enough attention.

Installation Precautions

First of all, the installation of the safety of the quality of the wheel to detect the method, with a nylon hammer (you can also use the pen) tapping the wheel side, crisp sound is no problem.

Positioning problem Grinder installed in what position is the first time we installed the problem to be considered, only selected a reasonable and suitable location, we can carry out other work. Grinders are prohibited to install in the vicinity of the equipment and operators or people often in the past, the general workshop should be set up a special wheel room. If you can not set the special grinding wheel room due to the limitation of the factory terrain, the protective baffle with the height of not less than 1.8m should be installed on the front of the grinder, and the baffle should be firmly and effectively.

Balance of the wheel imbalance is mainly caused by the manufacture and installation of the wheel is not accurate, so that the wheel center of gravity and the axis does not coincide with the rotation caused. The imbalance caused mainly in two aspects, on the one hand in the wheel high-speed rotation, causing vibration, easy to cause the workpiece surface polygonal vibration; the other hand, the imbalance to accelerate the spindle vibration and bearing wear, serious Will cause the grinding wheel rupture, or even cause an accident. Therefore, the requirements directly larger than or equal to 200mm sand office installed on the chuck after the static balance should be static, grinding wheel after finishing or after the work found in the imbalance should be repeated static balance.

Protection of the protective cover is the main protection of the grinder, its role is: when the grinding wheel in the work for some damage, can effectively cover the wheel debris, to ensure the safety of personnel. The shape of the wheel cover is round and square, and its maximum opening angle is not allowed to exceed 90 °. The material of the protective cover is steel with tensile strength of not less than 415N / mm2. Replace the new wheel, the protective cover to be installed firmly and reliable, and the shield can not be disassembled or discarded.

It is one of the main protective accessories of the grinder. The main function of the shield is above the horizontal level of the spindle. It is mainly used to cover the grinding process. The operator shall be installed in the positive opening of the protective cover, the width should be greater than the width of the wheel cover, and should be firmly fixed to the protective cover. In addition, the requirements of the wheel circumferential surface and the gap should be less than 6mm.