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Hard Granite Blades

Aug 13, 2017

                Granite blades should be used before the use of sand brick open blade operation, so will be sharp, if there is no sand brick, with some sandstone scrap is also possible, the concrete method is to use the blade in the sand brick or sandstone to cut back and forth. The cut granite saw blades are differentiated according to the diameter of the saw blade. such as 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm and so on ... 300mm is about 7 centimeters thick stone. 350 cutting about 10 centimeters of stone.Hard granite blades

                Granite, hard and dense rock, belong to hard stone, often used in advanced building decoration works. At present, the processing of small-scale granite plates are the use of disk sawing, large-scale plate need sand saw or even rope saw processing, disk sawing granite plate processing is the disadvantage of cutting seam width, waste a lot of stone, because the disc saw its own size limit, can not cut the larger plane of granite stone; sand saws and wire saws can process large size plates, but the efficiency is low, the energy consumption is high, and the pollution is serious, especially the cost of the wire saw is very high (only a few foreign units And the platoon saw because the steel belt is thinner, can save the stone material more than 20%, moreover may cut the large plane the stone plate and the cost is low, the people has been trying to use the platoon saw to process the granite stone, has so far in the world has not cut saw cutting the granite technology to be discovered or the.Hard granite blades

               One of the technical problems with cutting off granite is that the welding joint between the cutter head and the steel strip is smaller, the metal composition of the cutter head and the steel strip is different, the weld quality and weld size make the cutting force of the cutter head less, and the cutting force will fall off. The technical problem of cutting off granite is that the second is that because of the limitation of the Saw steel band, the cutter head is thinner than the circular saw blade, thus it is not formed to overcome the cutting force of granite hardness. Diamond abrasive grains too much, knife first body on the control of diamond abrasive particles, will lead to premature loss of diamond debris, can not cut granite, and diamond abrasive grains too little, and make the knife head life is very short, the cutting efficiency is not accepted by the market. The technical problem of cutting the granite is that the sawing cutter has a thinner head, the slit is narrower, the side surface in the cutting granite process will be subjected to wear and produce the heat, causes the row saw knife head to become thinner, the knife first body to the diamond abrasive grain control power simultaneously reduces, the cutting ability greatly drops, similarly causes the platoon saw to meet the cutting granite the request.Hard granite blades