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Importance And Selection Principle Of Grinding Wheel Hardness

Jul 11, 2017

             Grinding wheel hardness, refers to the grinding wheel under the external force of the difficulty of grinding off the degree of the grinding wheel performance and use of one of the important parameters. In order to meet the requirements of different workpiece material grinding process, the grinding wheel is divided into different hardness grades.Grinding wheel

             The hardness selection of grinding wheel depends mainly on the workpiece material, the grinding efficiency and the machined surface quality. The grinding wheel is excellent, grinding blunt debris is not easy to fall off, grinding wheel easy to plug, grinding heat increase, workpiece easy to burn, low grinding efficiency, affecting the surface quality of workpiece; the grinding wheel has been selected too soft, the abrasive grain is also in sharp when the shedding, increased the grinding wheel loss, easy to lose the correct geometry shape, Therefore, the selection of grinding wheel hardness should be appropriate, but also according to the grinding wheel and workpiece contact area size, workpiece shape, grinding mode, cooling mode, the type of combination of grinding wheel and other factors to consider. The following main brief description of the grinding wheel hardness selection principle for reference only:Grinding wheel

             A. The hard grinding wheel should be selected when grinding soft materials, soft grinding wheel should be selected when grinding hard material; b. When grinding soft and ductile non-ferrous metals, the hardness should be soft; c. The material with poor thermal conductivity should be selected for softer grinding wheels; the hardness of the grinding wheel should be softer; e. In the same grinding condition, the hardness of the grinding wheel of the resin binder is higher than that of that of the ceramic binder. F. The grinding wheel is of high rotation speed, and the hardness of the grinding wheel can be selected as the soft and the small level; G. The grinding of cooling fluid is higher than that of the grinding wheel.Grinding wheel