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Innovation Of Diamond Saw Blade In Industry

Sep 05, 2017

      It is understood that ultra-thin large-diameter diamond saw blades using a composite plating technology (micro-Vacuum plating titanium + electroless nickel), metallurgical bonding is applied to the bonding of the carcass and the diamond, while other products at home and abroad adopt a single plating (micro-vacuum plating or electroless nickel plating), chemical bonding and mechanical inlay. Diamond saw blade

     This kind of saw blade mainly uses in the light hot glass, the crystal handicraft material processing and so on the domain, may greatly progress the processing precision and the cutting efficiency, the diamond utilization ratio imports the product progress more than 10%, the life expectancy is more than 25%, each year can increase the sales for the enterprise to receive more than 10 million yuan.Diamond saw blade

      Diamond saw blade tool is one of the most used products of synthetic diamond single crystal, it can be said that diamond saw has achieved the brilliance of diamond industry today. The huge demand of natural stone market has promoted the rapid development of diamond saw blade manufacturing technology. The pursuit of better performance, lower cost is the eternal theme of all manufacturers: the formula from the initial co-base alloy to the subsequent Fe-based alloy, and then to today's pre-alloyed powder; The cutter head is also made from simple cuboid to sandwich sandwich, wedge type, etc. , as well as the application of diamond surface plating technology, spark sintering technology and so on, these marks the continuous maturation and progress of diamond saw blade manufacturing technology.Diamond saw blade

     Using FE-NI-CU-based alloy system, the diamond saw blades manufactured by the Resistance DC heating hot-pressing sintering process are the mainstream of the current technology, combining the characteristic knife-head forming process, which has the advantage of ultra-low cost and super stable performance. According to the natural granite, marble, reinforced concrete, cement asphalt pavement, hard refractory brick and other materials can form a series of formula process, suitable for cutting, slotting and other operations in the diameter of φ150-φ2200mm saw blades and various specifications of the manufacture of knives.Diamond saw blade