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Introduction Of Ultra-thin Turbine Blades

Oct 11, 2017

Note that the direction of the arrows on the saw blade is the same as the direction of rotation of the tool used. Cutting, please do not apply side pressure and curve cutting, feed to be smooth, to avoid the impact of contact with the workpiece blade, so as to avoid danger. Dry cut, do not carry out a long continuous cutting, so as not to affect the life of the saw blade and cutting effect; wet film cutting, water should be cooled, beware of leakage. Experts suggest that the saw blade installed, you should first idle for a few minutes to confirm no swing or beating, in the wheel or refractory brick on the first test knife, and then the best working results. If the blade is not sharp enough, please use silicon carbide grinding stone blade.Ultra-thin turbine blades

Turbine pressurization system is divided into four categories: mechanical pressurization, exhaust turbocharging, composite pressurization and air pressure booster. Most of the current market is exhaust gas turbo. The exhaust turbocharger system consists of a turbine and a compressor, which are coaxial. The turbine utilizes the exhaust gas to drive its impeller to rotate, and the coaxial compressor is also rotated to compress the air from the air cleaner.Ultra-thin turbine blades

In principle, it is the gas into the cylinder before the pre-compression, to improve the gas density into the cylinder, reducing the volume of gas, so that in the unit volume, the gas quality is greatly increased, the air intake can be To meet the fuel needs of combustion, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the engine power and torque. Disadvantages: engine power output slightly behind the throttle opening, increase the throttle after the general need to wait a moment, later the engine will have amazing power outbreak.Ultra-thin turbine blades The turbocharger is actually an air compressor that increases the intake air by compressing air. It is the use of engine exhaust gas inertia momentum to promote the turbine chamber turbine, turbine and drive coaxial impeller, impeller pressure sent by the air filter pipe air, so that pressurized into the cylinder. When the engine speed increases, the exhaust gas discharge speed and turbine speed are also synchronized faster, the impeller to compress more air into the cylinder, the air pressure and density increases can burn more fuel, the corresponding increase in fuel and adjust the engine Speed, you can increase the output power of the engine.Ultra-thin turbine blades