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Machining Quality Of Grinding Wheel

Oct 30, 2017

There are many kinds of grinding wheel, and there are various shapes and sizes, because the abrasive of grinding wheel, binder material and the manufacturing process of grinding wheel are different, various grinding wheels have different working performance. Each wheel has a certain range of application according to its own characteristics.Grinding wheel 

Therefore, the grinding process must be based on the details (such as the material properties of the grinding workpiece, heat treatment method, workpiece shape, size and processing form and technical requirements, etc.), the selection of suitable grinding wheel. Otherwise it will directly affect the machining accuracy, surface roughness and production efficiency because of the improper selection of the grinding wheel.Grinding wheel

Brown corundum Grinding Wheel: Brown corundum High hardness, toughness, suitable for grinding high tensile strength of metal, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, malleable iron, hard bronze, etc., this abrasive grinding performance is good, wide adaptability, often used to remove large residual coarse grinding, cheap, can be widely used.Grinding wheel

When grinding with coarse-grained grinding wheel, the production efficiency is high, but the surface of the workpiece is rough, and the surface roughness of the workpiece is better when grinding with fine-grained grinding wheel, while the production rate is low. Under the precondition of satisfying roughness requirement, coarse-grained grinding wheel should be selected to ensure high grinding efficiency. Coarse-grained grinding wheel is used in coarse milling, and fine-grained grinding wheel is selected when grinding. When the contact area of grinding wheel and workpiece is larger, it is necessary to select the grinding wheel with coarse grain size. For example, grinding the same plane, grinding the end of the grinding wheel than the grinding wheel of the surrounding grinding selected granularity is thicker.Grinding wheel

The wheel is well chosen, grinding blunt debris is not easy to fall off, grinding wheel easy to plug, grinding heat increase, workpiece easy to burn, low grinding efficiency, affecting the surface quality of workpiece; the grinding wheel has been selected too soft, the abrasive grain is also in sharp when the shedding, increased the grinding wheel loss, easy to lose the accurate geometry shape, Therefore, the selection of grinding wheel hardness should be appropriate, but also according to the grinding wheel and workpiece contact area size, workpiece shape, grinding mode, cooling mode, the type of combination of grinding wheel and other factors to consider.Grinding wheel