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Machining Technology Of Ultra-thin Turbine Blades

Aug 01, 2017

                Turbine is the most important part of aero-engine heat load and mechanical load, and the working environment of turbine blades is especially bad, in the engine cycle, it bears the high temperature and high pressure gas impact after combustion, and its manufacturing technology is classified as the key technology of modern aero-engine. Engine performance depends largely on the turbine inlet temperature, which is limited by turbine blade materials. Continuous cooling of these parts can allow their working environment temperature beyond the melting point of the material, so still safe and reliable work, air film cooling technology is a representative of an important structural improvement, greatly improving the performance of the engine, but also to the gas film hole processing technology put forward higher requirements.Ultra-thin turbine blades

                With the development of manufacturing technology, the new technology of gas film hole processing is also appearing, on the basis of traditional laser drilling (lasers), High speed Drilling (EDM), electrochemical drilling (ECM) and other processing methods, the paper also develops new technology such as laser EDM compound punching and electrolytic EDM compound punching, removing the remelting layer technology on the basis of abrasive flow, and developing the application of the chemical grinding technology, electrolyte-plasma processing and other new technologies, in order to improve the quality of the gas film hole processing of turbine blades, The technical level and the production efficiency have made the important contribution.Ultra-thin turbine blades

                The main structural feature of the air film cooling technology is to design a large number of gas film holes in the turbine blade leading edge and leaf body surface, and the aperture is generally 0.2~0.8mm, the space angle is complex. Therefore, the processing technology of gas film Hole becomes one of the key technologies of turbine blade manufacture. At present, the blade gas film cooling hole processing mainly using laser drilling, EDM drilling, electro-hydraulic beam drilling methods, various methods have their own characteristics. The laser drilling efficiency is high, but the remelting layer is thicker, the remelting layer of EDM is relatively thin, and the electric-hydraulic beam drilling has no remelting layer, and the quality is good, but the efficiency is low.Ultra-thin turbine blades