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Multi-classification Of Diamond Saw Blade

Sep 25, 2017

     Diamond saw blade is a cutting tool, widely used in stone, processing of hard and brittle materials such as ceramics. The diamond saw blades are mainly composed of two parts, the Matrix and the cutter head. The matrix is the main supporting part of the bonding tool head, while the cutter head is the cutting part in the use process, the knife head will be consumed in the use and continuously, And the matrix is not, the knife can play the role of cutting because it contains diamond, diamond as the current hardest substance, it in the blade friction cutting is processed objects. The diamond particles are wrapped in metal inside the head.Diamond saw blade

    Appearance Category: Continuous Edge saw blade: continuous serrated diamond saw blade, usually through sintering method, commonly used bronze binder as base carcass material, cutting must add water to ensure cutting effect, and useful laser will cut the type of slit. Blade-type saw blade: serrated fracture, cutting speed, suitable for dry, wet two kinds of cutting methods. Turbine-type saw blades: combined with the previous 1, 22 of the advantages, serrated continuous turbine-like evenly concave and convex, improve the cutting speed, increase the service life.Diamond saw blade

    The creative use of diamond wire saw in quarrying and construction engineering makes diamond wire saws from quarries to stone processing plants, from large chunks to finishing, from plate cutting to special-shaped products processing and building engineering applications more and more. Diamond Wire saw as the third generation of diamond tools in the development process, after more than 20 years of research and development and improvement, is widely used in various projects. This is mainly because it has the following advantages.Diamond saw blade

    Simple equipment, easy to install, not subject to space and space to ask the restrictions, can be horizontal, vertical and tilt the direction of cutting, sawing area can reach 200m2, good processing quality, low stone loss, cutting speed, low noise, vibration small working environment good, adaptable, Diamond wire saw equipment with different specifications and sizes can be selected according to sawing objects and working conditions.Diamond saw blade