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Precautions For The Use Of Ultra-thin Turbine Blades And Measurement Of Thickness

Sep 14, 2017

      Before use should confirm whether the saw blade has the breakage, if has the breakage, forbids to use. When assembling, the motor shaft and saw blade center hole Germany cooperate, the error must be less than 0.1mm. Note that the direction of the arrow indicated on the saw blade is consistent with the direction of the tool being rotated. When cutting, please do not apply side pressure and curve cutting, into the knife to smooth, avoid the blade impact contact the workpiece, in order to avoid danger. Dry-cut, do not carry out long time continuous cutting, so as not to affect the life of the saw blade and cutting effect, wet slice cutting, should add water cooling, beware of leakage.Ultra-thin turbine blades

      Experts suggest, after the saw piece is installed, should be idling a few minutes first, confirm no swing or beat, after the grinding wheel or refractory brick on the first try to cut a few knives, and then normal work effect is best. If the sharpness of the saw blade is not enough, please use silicon carbide to sharpen the blade. Cutting Confidential has a safety shield, operators must wear safety clothing, glasses, masks and other protective supplies.Ultra-thin turbine blades

       For a given turbine blade application, the recommended exact measurement system is determined according to the customer's requirements and the acoustic performance of the blades. Here are a few things to consider: Probe type: The delay probe and the immersion probe are all available for blade measurement. The delay probes are usually easier to place on the blade surface, while immersion probes usually require a monitoring waveform to determine the probe alignment. However, the curvature of the turbine blades may make the delay probe not properly coupled to the concave side of the blade. A 3mm-diameter delay probe (M203 and M208) usually can be coupled with a minimum concave radius of about 200mm.Ultra-thin turbine blades

      In some cases, the shape of the delay block can be changed to allow the probe to be coupled to a smaller radius of the surface, but it is usually preferable to use a water immersion probe to measure the sharp surface, especially the blade's import end.Ultra-thin turbine blades