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Preparation Methods Of Diamond Grinding Wheels, There Are Several Complex Ways

Apr 14, 2015

1. coating: used plating method in tool surface plated reply shàng contains diamond abrasive of metal layer, diamond uniform dispersion to distribution in coating in the, with this method can manufacturing various diamond plating tool; and as used chemical gas phase deposition method in tool surface deposition a layer Compact of more crystal type diamond film, preparation out diamond plated film of drawing mold, and tool, and drill with,.

2. Diamond metal complexes: diamond and metal or alloy powders are mixed evenly, pressing, then by a protective atmosphere sintering or hot-pressing sintering or prepared by vacuum sintering of metal bonded diamond abrasive tools, drill bits, saw blades, etc.

3. Diamond resin composites: advance to take care of diamond abrasive powder mixed into the resin and fillers, cold or hot forming, through certain curing processes for heat-curable resin diamond abrasives, cutting and so on.

4. Diamond ceramic composite body: glass and ceramic powders mixed with diamond abrasives, pressing, then by a sintering process of vitrified abrasives.

5. poly-crystalline diamond: superhard abrasive of suitable shape and size after pretreatment under conditions of high temperature and high pressure metal phase of sintering formed, superhard abrasive concentration reaches above 90%, the prepared dies, cutters, drills, etc.

6. Diamond carbide composite body: polycrystalline diamond under high temperature and high pressure consolidation in formed on a layer of cemented carbide substrate for diamond complex