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Repair Of Ultra-thin Turbine Blades

Sep 25, 2017

     Before use should confirm whether the saw blade has the breakage, if has the breakage, forbids to use. When assembling, the motor shaft and saw blade center hole Germany cooperate, the error must be less than 0.1mm. Note that the direction of the arrow indicated on the saw blade is consistent with the direction of the tool being rotated. Ultra-thin turbine blades

    When cutting, please do not apply side pressure and curve cutting, into the knife to smooth, avoid the blade impact contact the workpiece, in order to avoid danger. Dry-cut, do not carry out long time continuous cutting, so as not to affect the life of the saw blade and cutting effect, wet slice cutting, should add water cooling, beware of leakage.Ultra-thin turbine blades

    Experts suggest, after the saw piece is installed, should be idling a few minutes first, confirm no swing or beat, after the grinding wheel or refractory brick on the first try to cut a few knives, and then normal work effect is best. If the sharpness of the saw blade is not enough, please use silicon carbide to sharpen the blade. Cutting Confidential has a safety shield, operators must wear safety clothing, glasses, masks and other protective supplies.Ultra-thin turbine blades

    Replacing highly twisted blades is expensive, so the emphasis is on developing technologies that can prolong the safe service life of these blades. This can be achieved by using a leading edge protection strip welded to the casting blades. Traditionally, this maintenance operation requires the blade to be removed from the rotor and then fitted with a new protective board. Ultra-thin turbine blades

    This leads to a prolonged shutdown of the generator, resulting in serious losses. This new development makes these protective refractory alloy protective layers (usually made of cobalt/chromium alloys) that can be deposited on the blades in situ. The process uses high power optical fiber optical transmission lasers, and the alloy is processed and applied in powder form.Ultra-thin turbine blades