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Sintered Metal-bonded

Apr 14, 2015

Sintered metal bonded early Bronze as a bonding agent, then developed cobalt-nickel alloy, iron, tungsten carbide and other metal-bonded. Preparation of metal bond grinding tools technology of powder metallurgy method is often used, the metal powder mixed with diamond abrasives, by pressing under the protection of the atmosphere a short time taken directly by high-temperature sintering or hot pressing preparation needed to become abrasive. Using metallic materials as binders, and abrasive resistance, heat conductivity, resistance to abrasion and temperature resistance are good, long service life, can load load grinding of metal bonded diamond abrasive tools are mainly used for glass, ceramics, stone, semiconductor materials, non-metallic crude, half-hard and brittle materials grinding and cutting operations. But metal bonded diamond abrasive tools in use there are inadequacies in the process. First of all, poor surface wettability of metal bonded diamond abrasive, with weak interfacial bonding strength between diamond abrasive, influence of abrasive grinding efficiency.