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The Base Structure Of Diamond Saw Blade

Oct 19, 2017

Diamond saw blade is the largest tool in the diamond tool, and optimizing the diamond saw blade base and sawtooth structure is an important way to improve the sawing effect. This paper introduces the results of the optimization of the matrix and sawtooth structure of the diamond circular saw blade at home and abroad, and analyzes the characteristics, production value and existing problems of the saw blade matrix and the sawtooth structure with various anti - lateral wear and anti - stress and deformation and improving the cooling performance.Diamond saw blade

With the increasingly wide range of applications of diamond circular saw blades, processing objects increasingly complex, the current saw in addition to the general wear resistance, sharpness and other performance requirements, but also to adapt to their processed materials (such as various marble, granite (Such as noise, sewage, etc.), the requirements of the processing conditions (such as dry cutting, wet cutting, sawing ultra-thin plate, high-precision board, etc.) and environmental requirements (such as noise, sewage, etc.) put forward higher requirements, these are Has made new challenges in the design and manufacture of diamond saw blades, and it is far from enough to optimize the blade performance by optimizing the nodule recipe, and we must make more progress and breakthrough in improving the blade structure.Diamond saw blade

Various types of saw blade bases and sawtooth structures developed and used at home and abroad (such as saw blade base open air orifice or inlay damping materials, forming sandwich sandwich sandwich teeth, multiple teeth, radial extension teeth, hard Alloy teeth, etc.) to improve the sawing friction and cooling conditions, progressive blade sharpness and cutting smoothness, to prevent jagged slippage, to prevent side wear, to adapt to the processing of soft and hard mixing materials, to avoid teeth, save tool material, make full use of Sawtooth material, reduce sawing noise play an important role, thus confirming the improvement of saw blade matrix and sawtooth structure is one of the important ways to improve the effect of cutting.Diamond saw blade

At present, the influence of various matrix and sawtooth structure on the force, rigidity, deformation, stress distribution, friction and noise of the saw blade is still lack of theoretical analysis of the deep system. Therefore, the theoretical basis for improving the matrix and the technical structure of the sawtooth structure is not yet full. This paper introduces the research and application achievements of the saw blade matrix and the sawtooth structure at home and abroad, analyzes the characteristics, production value and existing problems of various sawtooth structures, and puts forward the theoretical problems and techniques involved in the research of saw blade matrix and sawtooth structure Vision.Diamond saw blade