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The Use Of Ultra-thin Turbine Blades

Aug 14, 2017

     Ultra-thin Turbine Blade ultra-thin turbine blades belong to the diamond saw blades, the overall adoption of ultra-thin design, cutting down on the waste of materials, the knife to adopt streamline turbine design, chip more thorough, cutting faster and more flat, the sharp edge of the knife, a brisk and high efficiency. Special ultra-thin body, deep cold quenching treatment, mild high, no deformation. Ultra-thin turbine blade-use range, suitable for cutting hardness tiles and 1cm thickness below the stone.Ultra-thin turbine blades
    Dry-cut, do not carry out long time continuous cutting, so as not to affect the life of the saw blade and cutting effect, wet slice cutting, should add water cooling, beware of leakage. Experts suggest, after the saw piece is installed, should be idling a few minutes first, confirm no swing or beat, after the grinding wheel or refractory brick on the first try to cut a few knives, and then normal work effect is best. If the sharpness of the saw blade is not enough, please use silicon carbide to sharpen the blade. Cutting Confidential has a safety shield, operators must wear safety clothing, glasses, masks and other protective supplies.Ultra-thin turbine blades
    Turbocharger in practice is an air compressor, through compressed air to increase the intake capacity. It is the use of the engine exhaust gas inertia momentum to promote the turbine indoor turbine, turbine and drive the coaxial impeller, impeller pressure sent by the air filter pipe sent to the air, so that pressurized into the cylinder. When the engine speed increases rapidly, the exhaust gas discharge speed and the turbo speed also synchronously increases quickly, the impeller compression more air enters the cylinder, the air pressure and the density increase may extinguish more fuel, the corresponding growth fuel quantity and adjusts the engine speed, may increase the engine the input power. The racing car is usually fitted with a turbocharger on the engine to allow the car to take back more power.Ultra-thin turbine blades
    The engine is powered off by fuel in the cylinder. The output of fuel is inhaled in the air cylinder limit, the power will also be limited, if the engine operating performance is in the best shape, and then increase the input power can only be compressed more air into the cylinder to increase fuel volume, progress out work force. Under current technical conditions, turbocharger is the only mechanical installation that can increase the input power of the engine under the condition of the task efficiency.Ultra-thin turbine blades