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Type And Hardness Of Grinding Wheel

Aug 14, 2017

    Type: According to the abrasive used can be divided into ordinary abrasive (corundum and silicon carbide, etc.) grinding wheel and natural abrasive superhard abrasive and (Diamond and cubic wheel boron nitride, etc.) grinding wheel; According to the shape can be divided into flat-shaped grinding wheel, bevel wheel, cylindrical grinding wheel, cup-shaped grinding wheel, disc-shaped grinding wheel, etc. according to the binder can be divided into ceramic grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, rubber grinding wheel, metal grinding wheel and so on. The characteristic parameters of the grinding wheel are abrasive, viscosity, hardness, binder, shape, size and so on.Grinding wheel
    In the production process to use Emery wheel piece on the belt grinding. The general grinding wheel 5-7 days will be removed cleaning. (The above has polished down the rubber crumb, after the high temperature friction tightly adhered to the Emery surface, is difficult to clean) cleaning requirements: 1, to environmental protection, not containing ketone, can not be halogenated hydrocarbon. 2, can not damage the Emery wheel piece. The grinding wheel is a round bonded abrasive tool made of abrasive and binder. The characteristics of the grinding wheel are determined by abrasive, particle size, hardness, binder, shape and size, and are described below.Grinding wheel
    Coarse grinding, the grinding allowance is large, the required surface roughness value is larger, should choose coarse abrasive. Because of coarse abrasive grains, large pores, grinding depth can be larger, grinding wheel is not easy to plug and fever. In the fine grinding, the allowance is small, the roughness value is lower, the finer abrasive grains can be selected. In general, the finer the abrasive grains, the better the surface roughness of grinding. Grinding wheel
    Grinding Wheel is the most important type of abrasive in grinding process. The grinding wheel is a porous body made by adding a binder to the abrasive, by pressing the billet, drying and roasting. Because of the different abrasive, binder and manufacturing process, the characteristics of the grinding wheel have great difference, so it has an important influence on the processing quality, productivity and economy of grinding. The characteristics of grinding wheel blades are mainly determined by abrasive, particle size, binder, hardness, microstructure, shape and size.Grinding wheel
    The hardness of the grinding wheel refers to the difficulty of peeling off the abrasive grains on the surface of the grinding wheel under the action of grinding force. The hardness of the grinding wheel is soft, which indicates that the abrasive grains of the grinding wheel are easy to fall off and the hardness of the grinding wheel is hard to fall off. The hardness of the grinding wheel and the hardness of the abrasive are two different concepts. The same abrasive can be made of different hardness of the grinding wheel, it mainly depends on the performance of the binder, quantity and grinding wheel manufacturing process. The remarkable difference between grinding and cutting is that the grinding wheel has "self sharpness" and the hardness of the grinding wheel, in fact, is the choice of the grinding wheel's own sharpness, hope that the sharp abrasive particles do not fall off too early, also do not wear blunt not to fall off.Grinding wheel