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Vitrified Diamond Wheel Abrasive Products

Apr 14, 2015

Vitrified diamond wheel abrasive products, due to its excellent heat resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali and abrasive good shape retention and excellent self-sharpening performance, cutting ability and high efficiency grinding, functional ceramics, cemented carbides, refractory materials, processing and other fields is of great value and a wide range of applications. Vitrified diamond grinding wheel strength depends on vitrified abrasives, diamond grinding wheel abrasive and bond strength between the two. But in Abrasives preparation process in the is exists must of technology problem, first, ceramic combines agent sintering temperature high, General in 700~900℃, some even up to 1000 ℃ above, and artificial diamond wheel abrasive in air conditions xià 700 ℃ shí on will occurred oxidation reaction, and surface deformation and strength reduced; second, Covalent bonds form of diamond abrasive surface easily was melting State of ceramic combines agent by wetting, caused its both between of control force weaker, combines strength not ideal.